Figure One

Figure One is a new biannual design journal that I am on the cusp of launching!

I decided to create a publication for my MA final major project, 
I designed and edited it myself.

The aim of the project is to engage with aspects of popular culture critically. 
Commericial writing on pop culture can lack criticism, issues such as communication, meaning and culture often missing entirely. We know about the impact, but what are the implications? 

I think the best way to explore is to analyse one object at a time.

Each writer was sent the same icnoic photograph of Kate Middleton in her wedding dress.
Each artist the same piece of writing about Kate in her dress.

For the writers the project became about turning the object into language. 
For the artists it became about turning the language back into an object.

This process was inspired by Roland Barthes’ book The Fashion System 
he described fashion writing as transforming an object into language.

The result is a collection of ideas, essays and images all aiming to enlighten 
the reader on the one. 

One image, multiple angles. 

New website coming soon!