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If anyone saw my 'Pecha Kucha' video they will have heard me explain the thinking behind a little project I did in which I made some clothes for a doll.

I did it because Roland Barthes told me to.

Well he didn't, but he could have. In his book The Fashion System he talks about fashion writing being "described fashion" and how as a genre it lacks critical analysis. I agree with Barthes that fashion writing tends to be descriptive, but is it good description?

I took different examples of writing about Kate Middleton's wedding dress and tried to recreate garment from the description. None of them really look like Kate's dress do they?

Fashion writing may be descriptive, but not all of it is good description. It made me think about the role of fashion writing generally and how often it's the photographs that accompany an article that have to do most of the work.

Oh and you'll have to watch my video to see the other dresses (scroll down and then down again).

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  1. what a brilliant idea for a project, I love it. And RB is quite right in a way.
    Great blog