Just Bitten

Revlon's new advert 'Just Bitten'
I was wondering if someone in marketing did a profile of current Revlon buyers and realised that they are the kinds of people who watch Twilight and Vampire Diaries?

Which ever way you look at it, we're being told that Getting Bitten is the route to love.



Language into Object

BBC Kate

Vogue Kate

Grazia Kate

If anyone saw my 'Pecha Kucha' video they will have heard me explain the thinking behind a little project I did in which I made some clothes for a doll.

I did it because Roland Barthes told me to.

Well he didn't, but he could have. In his book The Fashion System he talks about fashion writing being "described fashion" and how as a genre it lacks critical analysis. I agree with Barthes that fashion writing tends to be descriptive, but is it good description?

I took different examples of writing about Kate Middleton's wedding dress and tried to recreate garment from the description. None of them really look like Kate's dress do they?

Fashion writing may be descriptive, but not all of it is good description. It made me think about the role of fashion writing generally and how often it's the photographs that accompany an article that have to do most of the work.

Oh and you'll have to watch my video to see the other dresses (scroll down and then down again).


Anna Gerber of Visual Editions sent me this!

Songs I have on repeat

Going for Gold

The brilliant Sarah details my struggle to find my snack of choice on her blog for Not French Cooking.

Check it out!

Flower Shower

Visiting my parents house for the weekend I found out that my mum is keeping flowers in odd places.

"Are you going to keep them in there?"

"I think so yes".

Rainbow Trout

7th May 2011
No.2 bus
Fish on deck incident.
"Is this your fish?"
"Has anyone taken a photograph of it yet?"
"Let's get this on facebook!"

Who leaves a fish on a bus?

Later on I wore this outfit and my brother said I looked like a rainbow trout.

Guess the theme. British Vogue May 2011.

29th April

A normal television just would not do for such a momentous occasion. I decided to head to Hyde Park with some friends to watch the Royal Wedding on the big screens and picnic blankets. The atmosphere was electric, everyone cheered when 'the boys' got out of the car, at The Queen's travelling blanket and Kate's dress to.

I was in a trio of patriotic cardigans because there really is no other way to layer in the cold.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha = 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.

Here's a video detailing a lot of the thinking behind my final major project.

It has a doll in it, does that sway you?