I took this photo of Kate last week, she looks very professional doesn't she? We were both given the role of photographer at the D&AD awards judging week and had a lot of fun recording the week long event. It was held at Olympia in Kensington, and I spent quite a prolonged period of time imagining I lived there and how I would arrange the furniture. Such a beautiful space.

New Arrival

In early April Hamley's released a Princess Catherine Doll. It would seem that quite a few people are interested in this lady because it sold out at speed. I need (want) one for a project I am currently working on so I joined a waiting list and became part of the second coming of Kate. I don't intend to brush her hair. I do intend to write about her.

Things that I have recently acquired

on a certain theme that isn't obvious and you won't be able to guess...

This is how I read

I tag all of the relevant points and go back and make notes afterwards.
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Does the front cover of dansk remind you of anyone?

Clue: sweet dreams are made of this...

California Blues

An advert from a copy of Life Magazine 1971. I always wondered why blue eyeshadow was so popular... but it seems as though Max Factor tapped into the California myth when advertising it. Stick the word California on the front of something and suddenly it's desirable, suddenly blue eyeshadow has legs.

How to sell yourself in 75 characters or less

Since you are reading this I can only assume that you are a thoroughly modern person. Tweeting is old news to you. Your attention span is 21st century short, 140 characters almost too long.

Thankfully the abbreviated is now being abbreviated. 75 is the new 140. I know this because Charlie Sheen told me.

Like most people I started following Charlie on Twitter after his interview on Good Morning America in February. My logic was, anyone who can respond to a question on whether they have Bi-polar by saying “I’m Bi-winning” deserves to be followed. The man invented a word.

Last week he sent out a tweet advertising an internship. Charlie would like a personal assistant. The task is simple, complete the following sentence in 75 characters or less; “I'd be a good Social Media Intern because…”

Here is my Guide to Charlie Sheen’s Ad:

(You should know upfront I have no credentials for this other than being thoroughly versed in Twitter and having access to Microsoft Word)

1. Always read the advert.

Since Charlie used Twitter this won’t take long.

“I'm looking to hire a #winning INTERN with #TigerBlood. Apply here – #TigerBloodIntern #internship #ad.”

Look up anything you don’t understand and ignore the hashes, everyone else does.

2. Read the list of responsibilities

“To work closely with Charlie Sheen.”

This is a yes or no question.

3. What skills does the job require?

“Do you have #TigerBlood? Are you all about #Winning?”

Another easy one, either you have Tiger Blood or you don’t. Relevant experience is probably not an issue here.

4. Fill in the required information.

If you have any special skills now would be the time to mention them. Better still, discover one especially for the purpose of the application, Charlie would like that.

It’s important to think about your target audience here. Something that would excite Charlie may be off putting to Donald Trump.

Being concise is desirable. Although it would take real talent not to be concise in 75 characters, that in itself could be seen as a skill.

5. Read the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions for this internship are what I would describe as comprehensive. That’s 6201 words of comprehensive. I know this because I copied and pasted the text into a word document.

Most people would describe my actions as efficient; if you read the copy this is another requirement of the job.

6. Get someone to check your spelling

It’s only 75 characters so I would suggest tweeting your friends.

7. Check yourself

Before you send in any application form ask yourself if you really want the position.

Do you think your life experience is worth 75 characters or more? If you are considering the internship you aren’t the only one. To date 74,040 people have applied to Charlie’s ad from 181 countries worldwide. Apparently having an unstable boss is the new Twitter.

Topping & Company

I have a new favourite bookshop. In fact, 'new favourite' might be inaccurate since I have never had anything like a favourite bookshop before. Since Waterstones doesn't thrill me, my book searches were confined to the University of the Arts London libraries and until Toppings.

Not only does it stock the best selection of design/art books I've come across in the South West (do you have a design book with a considerable amount of writing on wedding dresses? You do?) the booksellers offer to make you tea or coffee if you're browsing. And if that hasn't already swayed you, they run book talks with brilliant authors/ thinkers such as Melvyn Bragg and A.C. Grayling on a regular basis. If I was in Bath more often I would sign up!