My favourite bits from the MOMA.
I'm afraid I can only remember two of the credits which are as follows:
Jean Dubuffet
Ellsworth Kelly
Sorry, World.

We've been talking about the MOMA in class recently, particularly in relation to Paola Antonelli, curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum. We read an interview of hers in which she stated how difficult it is for design to compete with fine art within a gallery because it is measured against the same 'standards' as fine art and yet does not share the same aesthetic values. The MOMA has cleverly tried to combat this issue by weaving in design and furniture exhibitions next to painting in order to make a transition between the two. One minute you're taking a photograph of yourself in a dressing room mirror, and the next you're strolling past an Ellsworth Kelly. I wouldn't say the transition is always seamlessly, but it's a good model to consider when thinking about how to present design objects.

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