As mentioned on an earlier blog, I am currently involved in a letterpress workshop at LCC and have been exploring the typographic possibilities of the phrase:

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.

It's a Tennessee Williams line from the play Camino Real. I always find his language so visual and inspiring. Above you can see me playing with composition. I drew out my design roughly to scale and then wandered around the workshop filling it in with wooden and metal blocks (but backwards, due to the printing). I also got around to locking the type in, so it's now firmly positioned in a frame which you can hold up and nothing falls out. Well, nearly. It was a fun day, although reasonably stressful as I get very particular about details. For example, the photo above is of the 'in the mountains' part of the phrase. It's 'sat' on top of an upside down V, or mountain, and I was determined to have the 'n' 'h' 'n' of the words line up with the point so it would keep pushing the eye up the page. I don't think anyone will actually notice this apart from me, which is why I am writing it down, incase I forget. Even in the photo above it's not exactly aligned, but it will be in the real print!

Below are some photographs I took of other things around the workshop.
I'm definitely going to miss it when the workshops are no more.

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