Today I Walked Until The Pavement Ran Out.

What is a 'real' woman? Matt Stadlen thinks he knows. In the BBC series 'Five Minutes With...' he called Nigella Lawson one. "You're an attractive woman... and a real woman" as opposed to being a fake one? Lights on Stadlen, gender has nothing to do with weight, and suggesting that only 'curvy' women are real is just as exclusive as promoting a thin body ideal.

I thought about these things and more on a walk today. I remembered pounding the pavements of New York a few weeks ago, how much each step meant. I first went to the city as an ambitious 16 year old, this is it I thought. This time around I thought this could be it.

I like not knowing where I am going sometimes, with my thoughts and with my feet.

Today I walked until the pavement ran out.

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