Only Girl

Today I saw superstar Rihanna's video for her new single; 'Only Girl In The World'. The video shows the singer traipsing across a technicolor landscape, littered with bright oversized bouncy balls and dresses hanging off of a tree. Rihanna literally is the 'Only Girl In The World' in her fantasy world. It is worth noting how beautiful the colour balance is,dusky pink washed with a complimentary blue, and the song is dancing on the edge of being incredibly catchy too.

Here are some stills:

The one thing I can't remove from my mind when watching this video is; Tim Walker. Walker is the king of fashion photography,creating dreamy, otherworldly images that invite the viewer into a world of play and make believe. His images often include strong relationships between man-made objects and natural surroundings, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Check out some of Tim Walker's photographs below:

The resemblance between Walker's images and Rihanna's video is uncanny! Every detail from the lit dresses, to the stole stood proud in a stretch of water, seems to have been influenced by his photographs. The video was directed by Rihanna's long time collaborator Anthony Mandler, who also shot her 2006 video for 'Unfaithful'. As much as it is exciting to see Tim Walker's creations brought to life and transported to pop video status, he deserves to be credited for being an obvious source of inspiration for Rihanna's team.

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  1. Totally agree!!! Especially the hanging dresses!!!
    <3 Tim Walker! I should watch this vid again with TW in mind. xx