Expansive Credits

Film credits are presented in a hierarchy that most people are aware of, with the director and actors taking prominence. Re-addressing this imbalance we decided to come up with a new method of presenting the information. Above is an image from a set of interactive (touch screen) posters we created, this one is for 'Revolutionary Road'. A circular device acts as a timeline showing when different teams got involved in pre-production, production and post production. Looking closer, departments are colour coded (eg. art department, location, sound) to show how groups of people contribute to creating a motion picture.

In the real version jobs can be clicked on and specific names pop up relating to it, showing a more rounded view of who should be credited in films. For now, you can click on the image to enlarge it.
Collaboration with Leanne Blair.

We wanted to show how important every single person is in creating the whole picture.

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