Fellow Kingston graduate and friend, Luke Ngakane was the principle designer for Cub - a student run magazine for Queen Mary's University, in 2009. Today I found some spreads I did for it on my laptop, a nice reminder. It was fun sourcing the images for these pieces, which as you can see are about fashion!



View from my desk.


Only Girl

Today I saw superstar Rihanna's video for her new single; 'Only Girl In The World'. The video shows the singer traipsing across a technicolor landscape, littered with bright oversized bouncy balls and dresses hanging off of a tree. Rihanna literally is the 'Only Girl In The World' in her fantasy world. It is worth noting how beautiful the colour balance is,dusky pink washed with a complimentary blue, and the song is dancing on the edge of being incredibly catchy too.

Here are some stills:

The one thing I can't remove from my mind when watching this video is; Tim Walker. Walker is the king of fashion photography,creating dreamy, otherworldly images that invite the viewer into a world of play and make believe. His images often include strong relationships between man-made objects and natural surroundings, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Check out some of Tim Walker's photographs below:

The resemblance between Walker's images and Rihanna's video is uncanny! Every detail from the lit dresses, to the stole stood proud in a stretch of water, seems to have been influenced by his photographs. The video was directed by Rihanna's long time collaborator Anthony Mandler, who also shot her 2006 video for 'Unfaithful'. As much as it is exciting to see Tim Walker's creations brought to life and transported to pop video status, he deserves to be credited for being an obvious source of inspiration for Rihanna's team.

Why I Write

'Why I Write' is a question I have been asking myself a lot recently, in fact I was asked to think about it as part of my introduction to studying Design Writing Criticism. This is an extract from a piece I wrote on the subject:

Putting pen to paper, be it drawing or writing, is always a cathartic process for me, it forces me to think. When I write I feel awake, ideally I like to be in a quiet room so I can focus completely. Sometimes the practice of writing can feel like a foray, attempting to find the answers in my head. Other times words fall on to the page as if they were already written. Even at it’s most challenging writing has a satisfying end, knowing that how ever long it takes to finish, there will be an answer. Working out what to say in someone’s birthday card isn’t always obvious, but in the end I know.

Expansive Credits

Film credits are presented in a hierarchy that most people are aware of, with the director and actors taking prominence. Re-addressing this imbalance we decided to come up with a new method of presenting the information. Above is an image from a set of interactive (touch screen) posters we created, this one is for 'Revolutionary Road'. A circular device acts as a timeline showing when different teams got involved in pre-production, production and post production. Looking closer, departments are colour coded (eg. art department, location, sound) to show how groups of people contribute to creating a motion picture.

In the real version jobs can be clicked on and specific names pop up relating to it, showing a more rounded view of who should be credited in films. For now, you can click on the image to enlarge it.
Collaboration with Leanne Blair.

We wanted to show how important every single person is in creating the whole picture.

Ballet Russes

The Ballet Russes were a revolutionary dance company who operated from 1909 - 1929. With Sergei Diaghilev's encouragement they broke free from classical restraints and raised the status of the ballet dancer to that of the interpreter.

To try to convey the dancer pushing against boundaries I created a stretchy body stocking and photographed a person (me) inside wrestling and trying to break free. The photographs were then used in a piece I wrote about Ballet Russes.Self Initiated Project.

Below is a photograph of me in costume, getting ready to pose.

Quite a topical subject since the V&A are currently showing an exhibition on the famous Ballet Russes.
Well worth a visit.

Swan Song

A project about 'Famous Last Words'

The above images are from a typographic piece I did concerning the last words of the great ballet dancer Anna Pavlova; 'Get My Swan Costume Ready'. Anna was famous for playing the part of the dying swan.

I cut out the words to represent a void, and on peering through the gaps the viewer can discover Anna silently dancing the part she was so famous for, as if she has never stopped.
Self-Initiated Project.


The Libre Culture Manifesto

The Libre Culture Manifesto is essentially about creative copyright, it highlights the importance of shared information. It is a 21 point manifesto, so to try and engage the public we created a layered poster, with each point on a different layer. In order to read the manifesto the viewer has to rip through the layers, adding to the aesthetic and creating a collective work of art. A one off event.
Collaboration with Tom Digby

'My Ikea'

'My Ikea' is a concept we came up with for the furniture and decorating company Ikea. Often criticised for popularising a similar aesthetic across homes, we wanted to highlight the individual way each costumer display their Ikea purchases. We re-designed the website encouraging users to upload photographs of their purchases in situ, a voting system would allow the most popular photos to enter the catalogue, so people could see how real people use their items. We re-thought the catalogue part to, customised catalogues for student flats, 4 bed homes, mid terrace houses etc. sent directly to the customer.
Collaboration with Lucy Simmons and Jenny Workman.


Waiting rooms can be charged with anticipation. To try and alleviate some of the worry experienced we have designed a series of books to be used in the waiting rooms of medical centres, apparatus is highlighted and humanised with amusing anecdotes.
Collaboration with Claire Percy.

St Ives Gold

After a summer visit to St Ives, Cornwall, I was reminded why so many artists flock to the town to paint/draw/sculpt... the light is absolutely beautiful.

Inky Hands

Screenprinting at Uni was a lot of messy fun.