Dainty Doll

Dainty Doll is a range of make-up products by Nicola Roberts aimed at fairer skinned people (available online at ASOS). Aside from the obvious physical charm of the packaging, the spidery illustration and gold curves of the typography, the really special thing about it is the message it sends out about accepting different kinds of beauty.

Nicola presented a documentary style program called The Truth About Tanning, shown last night on BBC television. I applaud her crusade to highlight the dangerous and life threatening effects fake tanning can have, it is wonderful to see a celebrity using their influence to try and inspire some real and much needed change. Personally I find her story heartening, a make-up artist recently said to me, 'you are the palest person I have ever made up'. Embrace your natural beauty girls and boys and be proud of who you are!

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