Island Life

Grace Jones, Island Life sleeve 1985

I came across the above images serving as a description to how Jean-Paul Goudes iconic photograph of Grace Jones was created. Using clear plastic boxes and an 'A' frame Goude was able to do some photo doctoring and help Grace lift her limbs to dramatic heights. Grace's silhouette is elegant and powerful, her lacquered limbs stretched and shining to endless proportions. The photograph may be an illusion, but it remains a masterpiece and serves as a testament to two great visionaries.


The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

It's difficult to try and express how this man, this visionary, Alexander McQueen contributed to the world of fashion. What he created was more than art, it was romance and power, beauty and strength, love and fragility, excess and pain. He created a moment that you could touch; a story that you could feel. The fact that he was able to share this with us for a little while is a gift and we should be grateful and look on and say, you amazed us and we will love you forever.


Dainty Doll

Dainty Doll is a range of make-up products by Nicola Roberts aimed at fairer skinned people (available online at ASOS). Aside from the obvious physical charm of the packaging, the spidery illustration and gold curves of the typography, the really special thing about it is the message it sends out about accepting different kinds of beauty.

Nicola presented a documentary style program called The Truth About Tanning, shown last night on BBC television. I applaud her crusade to highlight the dangerous and life threatening effects fake tanning can have, it is wonderful to see a celebrity using their influence to try and inspire some real and much needed change. Personally I find her story heartening, a make-up artist recently said to me, 'you are the palest person I have ever made up'. Embrace your natural beauty girls and boys and be proud of who you are!

A Boy And A Boy

Anne Hathaway as the White Queen

Above is a promotional shot of Anne Hathaway dolled up and preened as the White Queen in Tim Burton's new adaptation of Alice In Wonderland. Burton has been dancing on the edge of fantasy and reality for years bringing us these beautiful, otherworldly creatures. It's his use of colour that I find particularly seductive. In this case the Queen is laced and bound in white with soft, pearly curls; one part Marie Antoinette, one part Jean Harlow, darkened lips suggest a venomous tongue.

A Kiss On The Lips, With All My Heart

Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts, naturally.

Above is a an original hand written copy of Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, available to view in The British Library. During the summer I went to have a look at it and loved how neatly embedded the illustrations were and the fine lines of the typography. You can purchase a version in the gift shop, which will probably make a useful film companion, and now I have become acquainted with this version no other will do.

Imagination is the key to escapism.

On the same note, Tom Ford delivers his directorial debut with the film A Single Man. I expect you have heard of it, Colin Firth who appears in the film has Oscar buzz.

His performance has Buzz.

Treading the same thin line...

All round creative person and visionary Mr Ford is running an advert for his fashion line in the March edition of British Vogue, and look who it is peeking out from underneath his heavy plastic rims; young actor Nicolas Hoult. Ravishing.

Tom Ford is said to have rearranged the furniture in his parents living room aged three. Take note, a furniture moving toddler could be displaying the first sparks of artistic genius.


"It's a famine of beauty, honey!"

Andre Leon Talley, American Vogue editor at large gets serious in 'The September Issue', directed by R.J Cutler. This is one of the best documentary films I've seen floating across it is the perfect soundtrack, and it's funny too. Leon Tally is rumoured to be the next guest judge on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model. Oh what rapture!



Wearing her curls in pastel peach shades and styled in Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga stalks and sings in her Bad Romance video. For me the interesting thing about Gaga is how much emphasis she puts on the visual delivery of her performance, she understands the power of image.

M is for Manifesto

Libre Culture Manifesto : Type project : Work in progress
Collaboration with Tom Digby and James Brasted


I recently finished my dissertation which I wrote primarily about lipstick, the messages it sends about the wearer, and the wider implications the use of cosmetics has on ideas about femininity and gender roles.

I didn't write about Rabbits but I could have.

Above is a mechanical sculpture by Banksy which I saw in Bristol Art Museum over the Summer. Banksy often takes something seemingly trivial and underlines the dark and cynical side to it. Has societies pre-occupation with beauty reached an epidemic?

Stefan Sagmeister's work below sends a really interesting message:

Trying To Look Good Limits My Life

Becoming too concerned about what others think of you is not a root to happiness, is it?

Make up/ Made up

Saskia in Birmingham