I posted our entry for YCN in my April blog, found out today we won an award! Very exciting!



Latin is an unpopular language to learn, however it is at the root of most European languages and learning it can dramatically improve a persons language skills. I decided to celebrate this fact and show the drip down effect Latin has had on language. On the vertical axis are all of the languages which come from Latin on a gradient to show which are the most widely used today. Treated as double page spread in a book, click to enlarge.

Stefan Sagmeister

Always gets it right.

Jess Wilson

I recently saw this at The Art of Lost Words Exhibition at the German Gymnasium in London. Based on the lost word diloricate, meaning to rip open a sewn piece of clothing, a really lively illustration by Jess Wilson.


Whoever did Hayley Williams' dye job I need you in my life, the fire in my hair needs restoring.

Just like that!

"Just like that!"

Tommy Cooper's catch phrase. He died just like that from a heart attack during a live television performance on April 15th 1984 in Her Majesty's Theatre, London.

Photography project looking at back stage doors as literally the last exit for performers who died on stage. The comedians words are revealed as an audio, an echo from the past.
Collaboration with Leanne Blair.


Le Theatre

Le Theatre d'ombres du Chat noir at the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. Crisp black silhouettes cut out against the background. I want to make up stories about these people.


April in Paris and I want a ride on a merry-go-round.

Pattern for a Typeface

We designed a pattern for a typeface for fashion and textiles designers to use. Designed as a code, only pattern makers can decipher what goes where and create the typeface by sewing the pieces together.

Collaboration with Katie Callaghan.

Box Pyramid

Found in a warehouse gallery in London, bright colours and plastic.

More Comfortable

NHS: Making Britain More Comfortable.

An ambient Advertising campaign using products that give us extra comfort (baby bath support/ cup holder) with facts on about what the NHS do, highlighting how comfortable we are all because the NHS take care of us.
Collaboration with Bex Reynolds.

Hands Up

Antique shop, in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, always closed but never empty.

New Religion

New Religion

An observation in to the cosmetic industry, products and routines are followed religiously. We created an extensive range of products with long instructions aiming to convince you to believe. You will have faith in the product.

Collaboration with Bex Reynolds, Josh Hight and Saman Sohail.


Visitors can't get enough of Venus de Milo at the Louvre, Paris. Most people only saw her through a camera screen. I am not entirely convinced that this is the best way to view a 3D form.

Lobster takes his friends for a walk.

Self Initiated Project exploring secrets.
The lobster has a shell just like you.


Time to get my own back on Barbie, for to long she has represented an unrealistic and unattainable view of women. So, I put her in the freezer- that's real power.

Ready to wear

I found this collaged apron on the wall of an unknown gallery, a colour symphony.


Impossible Task

Can you eat the muffin in front of you using the extra long knife and fork provided? Joe Gwynn and Jon Barnett gave it their best shot.

The trick is, to cut up the food on the persons plate opposite you and feed them using your knife and fork. Completely possible.

Collaboration with Jenny Rice, Bex Reynolds and Mark Rogerson.