Friday's 'book of the day' from the YCN library was The Flavour Thesaurus. Dig into my review here!

My friend Kate kindly gave me some Maple Syrup, the real stuff from Canada (check out the photo above)! I'm going to get my flavour thesaurus going this weekend by deciding what to put the sugary syrup with, clearly pancakes are in the mix, but what goes in to the pancakes is anyones guess.

Results to follow.


Book of the day

Currently interning at YCN on the editorial team and posting my 'book of the day'
picked from their library, check it out here!

Figure One

a new biannual design journal

each issue features one fashionable object

This is the front cover for a new publication I am about to launch called Figure One.

I'll be drip feeding more information in the lead up to the big reveal!


This summer I have been mostly

Going to Ascot (x1)
Going to Whole Foods (x1)
Painting my nails (countless)
Reading books (countless started)
Watching films (countless finished)


Just Bitten

Revlon's new advert 'Just Bitten'
I was wondering if someone in marketing did a profile of current Revlon buyers and realised that they are the kinds of people who watch Twilight and Vampire Diaries?

Which ever way you look at it, we're being told that Getting Bitten is the route to love.